[SunRescue] 3/60 toy today.... continuing funzies...

William Janssen billj at calweb.com
Mon May 22 11:05:29 CDT 2000


I picked up three more tape drives for parts. Don't know if they work
but one may be useful for your 3/60. I can check one out if you can use

I have two Wangtek 5360 ES and one Archive 2150 S.

Also I have a 3/60 with OS 4.1.1. I can make a copy of the boot tapes 
if you need them.

Also I have a Eprom burner so can burn a Eprom if you point me to the 
software you want. I will have to fire up my 3/60 and see what
prom version I have. I remember burning an updated prom for one of my 

Every time I see a tape drive in the junk I check the rubber and if its
good I grab the drive.

Bill K7NOM

BSD Bob wrote:

> The ROM is 2.8.3.  Yuk!  All my spare tape transports are 150mb things.
> I put all my spare 60mb transports into my 3 VME crates, and I won't
> rob any of those to get the 3/60 going.  My luck on old tape drives
> is getting thin.
> Can anyone burn me a spare 3.0.X bootprom?  Alas, I don't have facilities
> to do that anymore, although I used to do a lot of that in the S100 days.
> I don't even have my eprom eraser anymore.... gads, getting soft here....
> IFF someone can, email me directly to follow up on it.
> I am a bit confused on the eprom numbers.  One source says 3.0.1 is the
> one to use for tape, and another says that won't work, and 3.0.2 is
> the one for both 150mb tape and cdrom?????  Which is correct?
> Another source says 2.8 will boot from QIC150, yet my 2.8.3 would not.
> Confusing.

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