[SunRescue] 3/60 toy today.... continuing funzies...

BSD Bob bobkey at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Mon May 22 08:24:32 CDT 2000

> Hi Bob!

Guten tag, mein freund..... and all the others aboard....

> >...a fine and complete 3/60 pizzabox thingie.
> The Sun 3/60 is IMHO the best design of the Sun3 series.
> And it was the best selling Sun ever in these days.
> Thus it is not a rare machine.

Well, at 5 bucks, I was a sucker for it.  You know me and junk Suns....

After some scrounging and hair-pulling, I managed to get it going on
a serial console, for testing.  Also, I ripped out the 1M ram sticks
from an old dead SS1, and now the thing has 24M ram.

The ROM is 2.8.3.  Yuk!  All my spare tape transports are 150mb things.
I put all my spare 60mb transports into my 3 VME crates, and I won't
rob any of those to get the 3/60 going.  My luck on old tape drives
is getting thin.

Can anyone burn me a spare 3.0.X bootprom?  Alas, I don't have facilities
to do that anymore, although I used to do a lot of that in the S100 days.
I don't even have my eprom eraser anymore.... gads, getting soft here....
IFF someone can, email me directly to follow up on it.

I am a bit confused on the eprom numbers.  One source says 3.0.1 is the
one to use for tape, and another says that won't work, and 3.0.2 is
the one for both 150mb tape and cdrom?????  Which is correct?

Another source says 2.8 will boot from QIC150, yet my 2.8.3 would not.

Ideally, I would like to be able to boot from cd and from QIC-150 tape,
so which boot prom image is required for that?

It seems to work fine, otherwise.

I tried bringing it up on my 1152/900 mono monitor, but it would not sync
to it, in either jumper position.  That does not seem right.  Yet, the
monitor came up on the 3/80.  Is there something else I am doing wrong
on it to get the monitor going?

Could I have a blown video section on the motherboard?  Yuk....
Any way to test that offhand?

I will have to reinvestigate the junk pile later this week and see if
there may be any more of the 3/60's about.  Maybe I picked up a dud.

Danke schon... Peter.


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