[SunRescue] SS1000 problem solved...

Patrick Giagnocavo a222 at redrose.net
Thu May 18 19:52:52 CDT 2000


I thought I would post my experiences to the list, as they might prove
helpful to someone in the future.

I have a SS1000, dual CPU, 900MB RAM, with 2 disk cards to go in the lower
XDBus slots.  the front tray has tape, CDROM, and 4 500MB drives.

In my configuration, there are 3 different SCSI adapters present.  The right
way to handle this is to realize that the first on-board SCSI adapter is the
one that goes to the front tray.  On my system, that is the built-in SCSI on
the first board (one at the very "top" of the chassis).

Thus, that chain is full and you shouldn't try to put any more devices on it
(4 disks + 1 tape + 1 CDROM + 1 SCSI adapter = 7 device IDs, the maximum).

Instead, plug one cable from one of the other available adapters into the
disk cards SCSI in port and put a terminator on the SCSI out port.  Ignore
the third unlabeled SCSI connector on the disk card - I don't know what it
does and the docs don't tell me either.

Then plug another cable going from the third available adapter into the
second disk card, terminating on the SCSI out port as well.

Now, boot the system and go into the PROM.  Type "probe-scsi-all" and make
sure that all the devices are seen.

You're done, right?  No.

In order to get Solaris (2.6 at least) to "see" the new SCSI devices, you
need to "touch /reconfigure" as root.  Then, do a cold reboot of the system
(ie cycle power).

Then, the new drives will be seen and you can make filesystems, etc on them.

Hope this helps someone else.  It was a pain for me to puzzle this out.


Patrick Giagnocavo
a222 at redrose.net

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