[SunRescue] SGI bootable CD-ROM

Kurt Huhn kurthuhn at k-huhn.com
Thu May 18 09:50:12 CDT 2000

I have used a Sun part numbered CD-ROM (in 411 case) to boot my Indy with no
special adapters.  You need a cable, but other than that they attach
directly.  In the Indy, there isn't a capability to put a CD-ROM drive in
the chassis without major modification.


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> I looking to get a CD-ROM that will boot a SGI and install the OS. What
> wondering is will the SUN/SGI bootable cd-rom drives that I see on E-bay
> (Most in 411 case) plug right into my SGI Indy? Or is there some kind of
> adapter I can use? Any advice would be great.
> Thanks,
> Trevor Taylor
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