[SunRescue] SPARCplug

Chris Powell Chris_Powell at mitel.com
Thu May 18 07:41:05 CDT 2000

Hi All,

I recently obtained a Ross Technology SPARCplug unit. The main unit
fits into a full-height 5" drive bay. It came with a 125MHz
HyperSPARC MBus module and flying lead to a connector card with two
audio jacks, keyboard/mouse port, 10baseT and small connector (AUI
or serial ports?) on an ISA back plate.

At the back of the main unit are three connectors. One is a 68-way
micro-D connector for the flying lead to the ISA connections card.
Another is a 50-way micro-D connector (SCSI?). The last looks like
a 3/80 or SS1 motherboard power connector.

There appears to be space in the base of the main unit for a low
profile hard disk. There is no obvious way of connecting to it
though (no 50-way IDC header plug).

Am I missing a cable to take the SCSI from the main unit to an
internal disk and to a external connector on an ISA back plate?
Am I also missing a power cable assembly or can I just plug a
SS1 power supply in? Will the SPARCplug take SuperSPARC MBus

Anyone with one of these critters?


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