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Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Thu May 18 12:45:57 CDT 2000

Ok, I have to ask - how *great* is this system? Should I be concerned
about being based on SBUS? I amplanning on getting an Ultra5 for $1295,
but that has a 17" monitor (not 21"), 128 Meg RAM (not 256 Meg), and
1x360 Mhz CPU w/tiny cache vs. 2x300 Mhz w/LARGE cache. And,

I would expect *each* 300 Mhz CPU w/2 Meg cache to perform about as
well as a 360 Mhz CPU w/256K cache - correct?

I don't *need* this speed, but if I were to add-on to my Ultra5, it would
to approach this price ($1295 + $225 for 128 Meg RAM + SCSI + larger
monitor) and you are approaching $2300 - consider the bump in speed and
maybe it makes sense to pay a little credit card debt...

I am drawn to the Ultra 2, but am I asking for a more aggressive
rate vs. an Ultra5 workstation (Which will be worth more in 12 mos.?)...


Ken n2vip at bellatlantic.net

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> I have permission to post this from my co-worker now.... :)
> www.teksell.com
> My co-worker just got an Ultra 2 w 2 300Mhz CPUs (4M cache)
> 256MB RAM, Creator 2D, 2G hard drive and a 21" inch color
> monitor for $3075
> It's an auction type site... and apparently this Ultra 2 was new...
> I'm jealous of him, wish I had $3000 for an Ultra 2 :)
> --Kurt
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