[SunRescue] free stuff!!! (southern california)

James Lockwood james at foonly.com
Wed May 17 03:24:25 CDT 2000

Just in case anyone in the L.A. area is interested:

* * * FREE * * *

Partially working GDM-20D10 monitor, picture is visible but garbled

Fully functional Zenith 20" grayscale, 1280x1024x76Hz

Fully functional IBM 5081/19 monitors, 19" trinitron, 1280x1024 @ 60Hz or 
1152x900 @ 66Hz, sync on green (qty 3).

Almost free:

Sun GDM-1662B premium trinitrons (16", 1152x900 @ 76Hz) terrific picture
(qty 2).

SparcStation ELC, 64MB RAM, clear and bright (best one I've ever seen)

2GB and 3GB Seagate Elite differential hard drives (5.25" FH).

Exide 2000VA true sinewave UPS, almost new batteries, "quirky".

Nudata 8-port Sun console switch, 13W3 and keyboard ports.  Fully
automatic, keyboard activated, no loss in picture quality.  Will consider
any and all offers, especially trades for telnettable terminal servers. 

Got to clean up and prepare for the move to the bay area in a few months.
I really don't want to ship any of this (except the switch and the

Mail me off-list.

BTW, anyone know any calculator collectors?  I'm on the lookout for a
Natsemi/Novus "Mathematician", circa 1976 (red LEDs, 9V).  Lost mine years
ago and I've been wanting another since.


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