[SunRescue] Drivers for Tech Source SBus video card

James Lockwood james at foonly.com
Tue May 16 18:18:07 CDT 2000

On Tue, 16 May 2000, pwz ii wrote:

> I had found the site before I posted to the list. They list downloads for
> the PCI
> products but not for these GXTRA cards in the download sections.
> I have sent them a e-mail query about the drivers, but haven't recieved a
> response as of yet.

>From what I remember, the GXTRA is just a GX (cg6) with 2 serial ports
onboard for using a secondary keyboard and mouse.  You can use it as-is
with the Sun X server, or download the doubleX package to use the extra
kb/mouse ports for a different seat.

doubleX also works with normal serial ports if you build a simple cable,
it's an easy way to add extra users to one powerful machine.  An Ultra 450
with enough RAM can support 5-6 interactive seats without breaking a sweat
most of the time (using a terminal server for extra ports).


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