[SunRescue] Proxim RangeLAN stuff (wireless)

J. S. Connell ankh at canuck.gen.nz
Tue May 16 00:17:45 CDT 2000

On Sat, 13 May 2000, Kurt Huhn wrote:

> From what I know, these cards are not on the list of Windows95/98/NT
> hardware.  However, since at least the PCMCIA card has Win3.1
> drivers, they might just be.  I'm fairly certain NT and Win95 won't
> support them, but Win98 might.  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that other
> OSs won't support them.

I've used them under both Windows 95 and Linux.  An ISP I once worked for
was attempting to use diskless Linux boxes as routers for a wireless
network that never got off the ground, and I did all the Linux
work.  They're okay, but on the slow side - the WaveLAN is a much
better choice.

IIRC Proxim never officially released Linux drivers - they were done by a
Proxim employee on his own time, and binary-only.  Proxim themselves (of
course) supplied drivers for various OSes with the cards.


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