[SunRescue] Stubborn Seagate 9.1gb Barracuda -- won't format. Help!

Kris Kirby kris at hiwaay.net
Mon May 15 14:51:15 CDT 2000

> You mean SCSI id, or LUN?  I've never had a problem formatting a Barracuda
> drive at *any* SCSI ID.... (unless it conflicted with something already on
> the chain, of course).

I mean ID, not lun. My example was to show that I have no devices on id 0.
That's intentional. It would *really* suck to get rooted and have your
hard drive formatted instead of rm -rf'd.
> My kingdom, my kingdom, for some ST15150Ns...

Yuck. I prefer ST34's. I live in the wrong part of the world to need heat.

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