[SunRescue] esp0: Gross error sreg=51

Josh Kuperman josh at saratoga.lib.ny.us
Mon May 15 14:26:16 CDT 2000

On Mon, May 15, 2000 at 07:58:02AM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
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> > I'm running Debian Linux and I am having some odd problems. Some may
> > be with the Multiprocessor Kernel I don't really know how to tell. So
> > I'm taking things one at a time. One problem I have repeatedly is
> > "esp0: Gross error sreg=51", which I believe has something to do with
> > the SCSI bus.
> Yeah, esp0 is the first SCSI bus.  How do you have the SCSI devices
> configured on this machine?  Any external disks?  Any internal disks?  A
> cdrom?  

It is a Seagate ST39216N in the middle drive bay - drive bay 0. I left
it as SCSI disk 0. All of the jumpers are as it came. After reading
your response I thought perhaps my problem was the lack of a drive
attached to the corner drive bay so I put one of the old ST1480N (I'm
not sure of the actual number) drives that was originally in one of
the machines in. Just in case that was needed for the drive to be
properly terminated - of course it was set to be disk3 (or should I
say target 3.) The only options that can be changed with jumpers that
might be relevant are the target ID, single-ended only, or termination
power. I don't think any of them should be needed on an SS10. (I could
be wrong -- again.)

The only truly odd thing I've noticed, other than the error is that
from the OpenBoot program (i.e. after stop-a) when I type probe-scsi
or probe-scsi-all the info for the Seagate ST39216N contains a
form-feed that gets picked up so I can't see the output. Any other
devices display normally.

Josh Kuperman                       
josh at saratoga.lib.ny.us

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