[SunRescue] Drivers for Tech Source SBus video card

David Rouse drouse at arlington.newsargus.com
Mon May 15 12:53:43 CDT 2000

> Picked up som parts and pieces over the week end.
> In the box was a Tech-Source SBus frame buffer.
> The model/serial numbe info is missing from the card
> based on the description of a switch for adjustable resolutions
> and the keyboard connection on the card, I'd say it was 
> GXTRA card. Any Ideas where I can get drivers for this
> puppy ?  Looks like you can set up an extra terminal 
> off your sparc with it. Any info for it would be handy.

Try the web site: www.techsource.com. They were pretty helpful when I 
contacted them and I see a 'Download' section on the main page.

David Rouse
Network Manager
Goldsboro News-Argus

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