[SunRescue] Proxim RangeLAN stuff (wireless)

Kurt Huhn kurthuhn at k-huhn.com
Sat May 13 23:22:11 CDT 2000

Bill Bradford wrote:
> I just picked up two original Proxim RangeLAN/ISA cards and a still-new-in-box
> Proxim RangeLAN/PCMCIA card (complete with manual and drivers for win 3.1!).
> Anybody know if these are still of any use today?  Would be nice if I would
> use them for Internet sharing (e.g., 486 laptop on the back porch connecting
> to a 486 gateway wiht a proxim card and a normal ethernet card, in here...etc)
> I can get 3-4 more of the ISA cards for RIDICULOUSLY low prices, btw.
> bill

>From what I know, these cards are not on the list of Windows95/98/NT
hardware.  However, since at least the PCMCIA card has Win3.1
drivers, they might just be.  I'm fairly certain NT and Win95 won't
support them, but Win98 might.  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that other
OSs won't support them.


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