[SunRescue] For trade/sale: sbus svga card

scohen - Stephen Cohen scohen at acxiom.com
Fri May 12 08:10:23 CDT 2000

Can anything be done to/for an IPX to enhance its graphics processing?  It
has an on-board CG6, I believe.

I've run a very simple, seat-of-the-pants test on my IPX.  For example,
Netscape, when run with the display redirected over to my NT workstation
(running exceed), is much faster.  I understand that the CPU cycles to work
the screens are the responsibility of the NT and that the NT, at 300Mhz, is
far more powerful than my Weitek PowerUp 80Mhz IPX.  But how much work is
needed simply to manage a GUI?


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