[SunRescue] Anyone want a VME Memory Expansion Board out of a 690MP?

Eric Randall randall at csonline.net
Thu May 11 18:37:27 CDT 2000

I've got a Sun VME memory board number 501-1901.  It has 64 30 pin slots
and is double width.
I don't know if it works or really how to test it.  No simms are on it.
It came out of a 690MP.   I don't know its value but will trade for any
number of Sun things.  You can let me know what you think is fair.  Some
of the things I'm thinking of trading for are:

- a 411 disk case (44 watt ps) full front, good working.
- a ST12400N disk - good working.
- a cg6(GX) sbus card, single slot (it can SUCK, but it has to work).
- some Sun ball caps (you know, with suede-like bill and lettering that
you can hardly read...cool).

Or make some suggestions.  Thanks.

Eric Randall

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