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Paul Theodoropoulos paul at atgi.net
Wed May 10 01:27:14 CDT 2000

I knew I had forgotten some details regarding /etc/path_to_inst WRT moving 
a boot disk from one architecture to another. Following is an old saved 
post, which covers what I left out.

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>cdewick at lios.apana.org.au (Craig Dewick) writes:
> >I know that I can do that with SunOS 4.x, however I'm running SunOS 5.6 (aka
> >Solaris 2.6), so the problem is a more difficult one to solve. I know
> >someone here in Sydney that has done it, but I can't for the life of me find
> >where I saved her email about how to do it!
>The biggest problem is when you have / and /usr and/or /var split over 
>fielsystems.  Singel user boot (w/ -r) will work, but you can't mount
>any filesystems because the device tree is shot.  You can't regenerate the
>device tree unless you can mount /usr (and you may require /var also)
>echo '#path_to_inst_bootstrap_1" > /etc/path_to_inst
>followed by a "boot -r" may get you somewhere;
>but if you can't mount /usr, you're toast.
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