[SunRescue] I'm the proverbial Bull in a China Sparc Station

Ido Dubrawsky ido at physics.utexas.edu
Tue May 9 23:47:35 CDT 2000

On Mon, 8 May 2000, Martin Frost wrote:

> Kirwan Marty wrote:
> > Not really paying attention to what I was
> > doing I removed the card and heard a noise that shouldn't have been there.
> > This Ram expansion card had a cellophane-like ribbon cable attached that
> > connected the side of the card to an 8-pin connector on the motherboard
> > next to the power supply.  The ribbon has a number on it, 530-1814-02.
> > In finer print is another number 270-182902 REV 01.  Does anyone have any
> > idea where I might find a new cable?
> You won't be able to find another cable, unless you can find someone
> with a broken board and an intact cable. SS2 memory boards are so old
> now that you probably can't even get the part from Sun.
> If there are only eight wires, maybe you could solder a bit of normal
> 8-core ribbon onto the board. It's useless with the cable damaged, so
> you've got nothing to lose.

  The boards are very rare...I know of a guy here in Austin who has a bunch
of them...his store is called Mr. Notebook and he's on 24th st...I think his
web page is www.mrnotebook.com.  Can't tell you more than that...when I got 
my 32MB card from him (about a year ago, I got it for ~$100...Rave Computer
wanted like $300 for it...if they had it...and other resellers of old Suns
were just as bad).  I'd try soldering an 8-core ribbon cable onto the board
first since, as mentioned above, you've got nothing to lose...

Good Luck,
Ido Dubrawsky
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