[SunRescue] SunOS

James Lockwood james at foonly.com
Tue May 9 14:45:20 CDT 2000

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Dave McGuire wrote:

> On May 9, James Lockwood wrote:
> > Solaris 1.1 = SunOS 4.1.3A.  The latest (4.1.4) would be Solaris 1.1.2.
> > SunOS 4 for sun3 has been made freely downloadable, maybe someone at Sun
> > would be open to the same for Sparc?
>   Doubtful, at least not anytime soon...there are far too many people
> still running it commercially for sun to consider it "dead",
> regardless of how much they'd like to.

Sun already considers it "dead" for the most part, the only patches that
are being made available for it are for show-stopping problems.  The same
treatment that is being given to Solaris 2 license-wise would be welcome.
They're not making any money off of new software sales, you can't even buy
SunOS 4 from Sun.

Online:Disksuite would also be extremely useful, the 2GB partition limit
gets old fast.


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