[SunRescue] free stuff

Dale Riley driley at kconline.com
Mon May 8 22:03:46 CDT 2000


I hope this isn't spam...
I've got an SS2 that is non working (no video card), it has 64meg ram and a
19" monitor. I picked it up with several others. Now I have to move 2000
miles and I dont want to drag it along. does anyone want it? free. I also
have a 8 gig raid tower ((4) 2 gig drives) and a couple spare 2 gig drives
not in a case. I'f I cant give this stuff away it goes out with the trash.
All I ask is that you pick up the actual cost of shipping (however you want
it shipped). I realize that this stuff may not be worth the cost of
shipping but if anyone wants it........................


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