[SunRescue] Sun 3/50 and SLC

Liam Stewart liam at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Sun May 7 15:56:35 CDT 2000

Hi all,

I've come into possession of two old Suns: a 3/50 and an SLC. I've got
some knowledge of Unix (primarily Linux), but this is the first
opportunity that I've had to really play around with Suns. My goal with
these two computers is to turn them into (hopefully) useful pieces of
equipment (they're sitting in my basement right now doing nothing).

The 3/50 has no tape drive. I wanted to do an installation of NetBSD onto
it or turn it into an X-terminal, but i've run into a little problem. I've
hooked up to my home LAN, but the ethernet on it seems to be quite flaky;
there's massive packet loss. I've ruled out the tranciever, interference,
and the hub so the problem has come down to the actual ethernet hardware
in the box unless I've missed something. Is there way to fix/replace it?

As for the SLC, I don't have anything except the monitor part (no keyboard
or anything). Is it possible to turn this guy into an X-terminal or
something similar? What kind of Sun keyboards will work with the SLC?

Hoping to save these guys from the dumpster,


Liam Stewart
E-Mail: liam at ualberta.ca

  -- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy"

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