[SunRescue] SCA drives...

apotter at icsa.net apotter at icsa.net
Wed May 3 15:54:04 CDT 2000


> > Of course, the acquisitions person called our sun reseller who said we
> > can't do that and need to go extternal for a drive that big.  With a
> > $1400 price tag.
> > 
> > I'm just basically looking for confirmation that there isn't a problem
> > with putting an 18G SCA drive in a sparc 5 (we have the 
> > brackets necessary)
> Should be just fine, assuming that you've got a 3billion cubic feet per
> minute fan in there...  :-)  Any SCA drive should work in the SS5.....

Not quite true.....  SCAs come in half height and low profile.  The 4/5/20 chassis needs low profile, which is (he measures the dead gigger he's using for a paperweight) one inch high.

I learned this the hard way with a cheapass fujitsu 9gigger from compgeeks.com.  Fortunately, an sca <-> wide adaptor let it live in my dual cpu linux box and all was not lost.

I would also be very wary of heat issues.  Make this the only drive in the chassis if you can.


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