[SunRescue] SCA drives...

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Wed May 3 15:07:40 CDT 2000

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> Subject: [SunRescue] SCA drives...
> I've convinced my boss to improve the disk space on a Sparc 5 we use
> as a "demo" machines and test bed.  Hi-Tech Warehouse has 18G SCSI-SCA
> drives for under $300.
> Of course, the acquisitions person called our sun reseller who said we
> can't do that and need to go extternal for a drive that big.  With a
> $1400 price tag.
> I'm just basically looking for confirmation that there isn't a problem
> with putting an 18G SCA drive in a sparc 5 (we have the 
> brackets necessary)

Should be just fine, assuming that you've got a 3billion cubic feet per
minute fan in there...  :-)  Any SCA drive should work in the SS5, assuming
that it doesn't cause the steel case to melt.  The things to be aware of is
that your root partition should be less than 2GB (less than 1 if you want
SILO to work right, probably), and that an 18GB drive is probably going to
be pretty hot, although I haven't used any for almost a year and a half, so
I'm not sure about that.  

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