[SunRescue] problem compiling ncurses on SunOS 4.1.1/sun3

Martin Frost martin at dsres.com
Wed May 3 12:26:16 CDT 2000

Alexander Bochmann wrote:

> /usr/tmp/cci4Rul2.s:584: Error: operands mismatch
>	-- statement `jbsr __nc_get_token,a1' ignored

> Does gcc create incorrect assembler code here or do I have another
> problem?

That looks like incorrect assembler code.

(a) the compiler should *never* generate any code that can't be assembled.
(b) that instruction isn't valid on 680x0 assembly. Looks like the `,a1'
    is spurious (__nc_get_token is an absolute address, so no need for
    an address register).

It may also be that it means `(__nc_get_token,a1)' (meaning
__nc_get_token symbol plus contents of a1), in which case missing
off the brackets is an error. This seems unlikely, unless the
symbol is actually an array reference.

Try getting an older version of gcc and trying with that. I never had
any problems with 2.7.2, but 2.8.x seemed to break lots of things.

I would offer to try to track down the bug, but I'm really snowed under
with work and things atm. Sorry.


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