[SunRescue] Sparc 1 struggles

Ken Hansen n2vip at impop.bellatlantic.net
Tue May 2 18:06:56 CDT 2000

My KVM is not an "analog" unit - it has some intelligence built-in,
it switches based on key "chords" (ctrl-alt-shift, then [1-4] to choose
port). It has scan and roll-over functions as well. It is from a company
called IOGear, model G-CS14. I am quite happy with it for non-
demanding applications (I have 2 PCs and a Laptop docking station
on my desk, cable runs under 2 meters. All screens run at 1024x768
at 70+ Hz refresh, and I never have a problem...

Many PC catalog outlets carry this part, they also make a 2 port for
just over $100, and a PC/Mac package (2 port with a Mac adapter)
for $149.

You can also buy it from www.iogear.com IIRC.

(I am not sure if you can cascade these units or not...)


n2vip at bellatlantic.net

Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> Where are you getting a nice KVM switch for that price?  Is it a real one,
> or just an analog switchbox?
>         Greg

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