[SunRescue] SCSI in an ultra 5

Mike Hebel druaga at pmail.net
Tue May 2 13:01:18 CDT 2000

>>Anyway I slaped a Adaptec 2940u SCSI controler in there with a quantum 9GB
>>HardDisk restarted the box and no magic. What gives? Is adaptec not
>>compatible with the U5? I even broke down and reset the eeprom to factory
>>defaults and it still didn't find the card or the HardDisk.

Adaptec cards don't work unless they're what's called the Open Firmware or
OW version.  I have one here that was in an Ultra 10.  It seemed to work ok
as far as drives were concerned but would not work properly for other things
such as scanners.  YMMV.


Mike Hebel

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