[SunRescue] Certification

Tom tom at nipltd.com
Wed May 31 03:33:28 CDT 2000

I took the tests recently for a laugh. In the UK, they worked out at 150 each 
test (Admin I and Admin II) - this includes nice UK things like VAT.

I've been adminning Sun boxen for about 4 years now - I was mostly familiar 
with the test objectives, but like all things, there were objectives for the 
test that I had never dealt with where I work.

No revision, no prep, showed up for the exams, passed Admin I, and failed 
Admin II (by 2 questions! :-)

So I'll probably get around to re-doing Admin II, just to get the Solaris CNA 
cert. Since then I picked up a book from Exam Cram that covers the Solaris 7 
CNA cert - can't remember the title, but dig through their web site or search 
your favourite online book seller. It just covers the exam, but I've found it 
a useful reference for things I haven't come across yet.

YMMV, but I don't think you need to do the courses at all. As long as you have 
a decent grounding in the version of Solaris you're interested in.

It's all good fun :-) It's not like it'll make you a better sysadmin or 
anything, but it might open your eyes to some stuff that's useful, that you 
never came across before - and it's always nice to have something to wave 
under your bosses nose to impress him into granting that pay rise :-) :-)


>I'm seriously thinking of taking the test for Sun Solaris Admin I test.
>Would I need Sun's expensive courses, or not really?
>I'm pretty familiar with most of the course objectives they
>present, but is it required?
>Also, how much does it cost to take the test?  They're administered
>at Sylvan Prometric, right?

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