[SunRescue] FS: SSA 100, DT1000, SS1000, SS670MP, SS630MP

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at earthlink.net
Tue May 30 02:53:49 CDT 2000

Hi All,

The quest for a new place to live goes on.......So, I am still trying to
clean out a bit. Here is the list of "heavy" stuff that needs to leave:

I have a fairly nice Sparc Storage Array for sale, I think it is a late
model 100. It is the same chassis as an SS1000, has room for 30 1" SCA
drives, complete unit, no drives 9 sleds. Color is Slate. No controller card
or cable.


Disk Tower 1000, looks like an SS1000, the predecessor of the SSA. Holds 4
trays of 4 1" SCA drives. Complete unit includes 4 trays, no sleds. Uses
same sled as SSA. A little scuffed up but should clean up nicely.


SS1000, 2 SM-51, 128 MB (16x8), CD-ROM Latest PROM kit. A bit scuffed up but
works like a champ.

$700.00 OBO

SS630MP & SS670MP, well I can either fit this box out the way you want or I
can give you the chassis if you haul it away. If you want it loaded, we can
talk. Don't even ask me to ship these.

Honestly I would prefer somebody to come out here and get these items rather
than the hassles of shipping these heavy mutha's.

:) I offer three words to the Sun lovers out there

1. Road-trip
2. U-Haul
3. Money!!

Thanks for looking,

Mike N

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