[SunRescue] Archive Tape Drive Jumpers for Sun3 toyz?????

BSD Bob bobkey at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Mon May 29 14:40:23 CDT 2000

Does anyone have the correct jumpering for various tape drives of the
Archive 2150S or the older QIC36+scsi interposer controller board types?

I have the mt02 manual, but I need the jumper settings for the 2150S for
use on sun3 vme crates, and the same for the QIC36 drives.  There are
6 pins on the back of the QIC36 drives, and about 24 on the back of the
2150S scsi things.

I am trying to get my sun 3/60's up, and what works with sunos does
not work with NetBSD on the same settings.  I am trying to figure out



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