[SunRescue] SS1000 questions...

Bjrn Ramqvist brt at osk.sema.se
Fri May 26 01:49:22 CDT 2000

Martin Frost wrote:
> I believe that not even the SS1000E can use the second megabyte.
> The SC2000 has two independent XDBus which use one megabyte each,
> but the SS1000E is just an SS1000 with the XDBus at 50MHz instead
> of 40MHz. I may be wrong here, but I believe this is the case.

I don't know about the first statement, haven't got a clue, but it sure
sounds like it would be possible. You're right about the second
statement though. Everything in the machine, including backplane and the
odd-ball "SCSI-controller" on the front, is just 50MHz clocked instead
of 40MHz. The SC2000E is done the same.

> My SS1000E simply has eight normal 1Mb SM61s in. (If anyone wants
> to send me eight SM81-2s, I'm quite happy to test them out.) ;)

Feels like they'd cost me a smaller fortune.
If I believe my memory right, there was an issue concerning 2MB e-cache
and the Mbus on smaller machines, which made the SC2000E the only
machine that these wonderful modules could work, with full 2MB e-cache.
I don't know if I'm right about this one, but I'm almost certain I've
read this somewhere...

> On a related note, does anyone have a rack-mounting kit for a
> SS1000 for sale/trade?

Try yank some old x90 cabinets and use the rails that holds the cardcage
up. Works like a charm, atleast for us.
Although, we're going to build 10-12 more rails with holes underneath
(where the "feet" are one the SS1000), to really tighten these into the
cabinet. Remember to put enough ventilation in front-side of the cabinet
(if you use the Sun Datacenter cabinet), cause it might build up some
heat in there.
If you look up the FEH, you can see a Sun Partnumber for a fan assembly
that sits right in the front, to push fresh air into the cabinet. These
was standard on the SPARCcluster 1000. (two SS1000 cross-connected with
two SPARCstorage Array 100)

	/Regards, Bjorn

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