[SunRescue] FC-AL SCSI

ward at zilla.nu ward at zilla.nu
Thu May 25 11:55:14 CDT 2000

I use both SBus and PCI adapters.  I like Jaycor, as they work well with EMC.
Never hooked up drives directly, though.  I have what looks like a 40pin SCA,
but I dunno; came out of a NetApp, and they claim FC to the disk.


On Thu, May 25, 2000 at 11:38:15AM -0400, Garten, David N., CTR, OSD/P&R wrote:
> Good day,
> 	Anybody got the bubble on Fiber Channel (FC) SCSI?  Are there
> internal FC S-bus or PCI adapters?  Can we use these FC drives (like
> ST318203LC) without nose-bleed expenses on RAID arrays?  What's this about
> 40 pin SCA.  Are there any "stand-alone" solutions in reach of mere mortals?
> DG
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