[SunRescue] SE SCSI

Martin Frost martin at dsres.com
Thu May 25 10:21:05 CDT 2000

Matthew Haas wrote:

> Excuse my ignorance.. but what is this "SE" SCSI I've seen floating around
> the list? Is it some rather new standard or an acronym for something I
> readily know?


The cheapest and simplest type of SCSI bus, where all the return lines
for all the signals are simply connected to the same ground. Also
sometimes called `normal' SCSI, as most of the controllers and drives
out there are of this type.

As distinct from LVD (Low Voltage Differential) and HVD (High Voltage
Differential, also known simply as `differential'), where each signal's
return line is driven to the opposite polarity to the signal itself.


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