[SunRescue] SunOS 4.*

Cameron Berkenpas hiryu at transvirtual.com
Wed May 24 17:22:13 CDT 2000

I have a sparc classic and no monitor that I would like to get it going. 
All I really need to do at this point is get it on the network, where I 
wouldn't need a monitor for it. I can read and write to the drive if I 
connect it to the scsi controller on a linux box with ufs support compiled in. 

The question is, how do I manually change the ip on SunOS 4.*? I don't remember the exact SunOS version but it's 4.1, 4.1.1, or 4.2. I've edited a few of the 
obvious files with no luck (like /etc/hostname.le0).

I'm pretty sure the thing still boots up. I booted it up about a month ago, 
stuck a network cord in it, and monitored the network and the sparc was sending out arp requests. Since I've edited those few files, I no longer get any of 
that I'm afraid.

I suppose if nothing can be done I'll just break down and buy a monitor adapter.


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