[SunRescue] cable for ethernet card

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at earthlink.net
Tue May 23 15:19:17 CDT 2000

I have that cable new.

I will need to look and see which flavor of it I have, which means a trip to
the warehouse, it comes in twisted pair and AUI IIRC. Anyway I know I have

Mike N
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Subject: [SunRescue] cable for ethernet card

> ok, I've finally got an SBUS ethernet card, but I need a cable so that I
> attach it to my TP network.  The card is PN: 501-1869, a SCSI/ethernet
> The connector on the back looks like a micro-centronics thing, with (I
> think) 14-pins.  Anybody got a line on these cables?
> Greg
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