[SunRescue] sparc 5 memory ?= sparc 20 memory

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Mon May 22 11:02:25 CDT 2000

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> John F. Davis wrote:
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> > Hello
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> > Will sparc20 memory work in a sparc 5?  How about a sparc 10?
> No. SPARC 5 memory will only work on SPARC 5 and SPARC 4 
> platforms. (not
> counting any possible clones)

I thought James said that you could run it in some of the BIG machines, if
you cut a small notch it there so that it would fit in the slot.  Maybe I'm
halucinating again, who knows...

> Generally, SPARC 20 memory (with 60ns timing) will work on everything
> from SPARC 10 through Ultra 1, Ultra 2 and possibly forward. SPARC 10
> memory (with 70ns timing) will only work on SPARC 10, although if your
> SPARC 10 happend to be equipped with 60ns memory modules, you 
> can reuse
> these on 20's, U1's and forward.
> Correct me someone if I'm wrong, but the SPARC 10 can't run with 32MB
> modules?
> Only 16MB and 64MB, whereas all the other can run 16MB, 32MB and 64MB.

That sounds right to me, although I suspect that it's another one of those
deals where it doesn't really work, but sometimes does.  I don't have a 10,
so I can't play around with it myself.  

P.S. if this comes in a weird character set, it's not my fault! :-)

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