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Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Sat May 20 08:16:41 CDT 2000

My recollection is that the Ross SPARCPlug was designed to ultimately fit
into *any*
machine with a full-height 5 1/4" bay open, and some way to get the I/O to
the back
panel. As originally intended, this meant a PC box, but over time they
started to sell
them as standalone systems in external SCSI - type cases with a CD-ROM and

There were probably different pig tails that routed the various I/O ports to
but I am sure they were all custom. If installed in a PC case, your main
connection to it
was over an ethernet port IIRC.

Hope this helps,

n2vip at bellatlantic.net

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> > > I recently obtained a Ross Technology SPARCplug unit. The main unit
> > > fits into a full-height 5" drive bay. It came with a 125MHz
> > > HyperSPARC MBus module and flying lead to a connector card with two
> > > audio jacks, keyboard/mouse port, 10baseT and small connector (AUI
> > > or serial ports?) on an ISA back plate.

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