[SunRescue] External case w/4MM tape unit

Sheldon T. Hall shall1 at columbus.rr.com
Fri May 19 08:05:34 CDT 2000

On Friday, May 19, 2000 1:48 AM, Eric Ozrelic wrote:

> I recently aquired a Sun 411 case with a 4MM tape backup drive. I hooked
> it up to my trusty SSLX running the newest install of NetBSD.


> What I need to know is how do I check to see what size this tape drive is 

I'd open the case and see what make/model the actual drive is, then check a 
website or two.

> ... how do I format new tapes ...

I haven't had to format mine, so I suspect that DDS tapes don't need 
formatting at all.  Mine's an HP SureStore Tape 5000, which writes 2 gigs 
on DDS2 90 meter tapes.

> how do I read/write to this tape, etc... Do I need some specialized tape 
> software or can I just mount the device and pretend it's a disk?

I just use dump, or the Solaris equivalent.  Here's my little backup 


# A script using UFSDUMP to backup the filesystems specified on the command 
# Basic script by Logan Shaw, "enhancements" by Sheldon T. Hall (8-18-99)


case $# in
0) echo "Usage: `basename $0` filesystem [filesystem ...]"
   echo "       Backs up to the DDS tape the filesystem(s) specified, 
   echo "       ufsdump at the dump level specified in the environment 
   echo "       LEVEL.  Defaults to dump level 0, i.e. complete backup."
   echo "       Other environment variables used are:"
   echo "           TAPE   - Tape drive, defaults to /dev/rmt/0n"
   exit 1 ;;
*)        ;;    # OK

# A Logging function so we can look like the big boys.

log ()
        /bin/logger -p user.err -t "`/bin/basename $0`" $1

TAPE=${TAPE:-/dev/rmt/0n} ; export TAPE
LEVEL=${LEVEL:-0} ; export LEVEL

msg1="System backup starting; save your work and log out now."
msg2="System backup in progress; logins prohibited.  Try again later."

log "Starting level $LEVEL backup of $@"

# Disable non-console logins, alert the users.

echo "$msg2" > /etc/nologin
if who
        echo "$msg1" | wall -a
        sleep 60

# Actually do the work

for fs in "$@"
        mt status
        sync ; ufsdump "$LEVEL"acuf /etc/dump.TOC "$TAPE" "$fs"

# Re-enable non-console logins

rm -f /etc/nologin

# Check the tape and spit it out

mt status
mt offline

# Do some clever logging

sed 's/               / level /g' < /etc/dumpdates > /tmp/dumpdates # 15 
log "Level $LEVEL dump complete:"
log "-f /tmp/dumpdates"
rm -f /tmp/dumpdates

# Done

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