[SunRescue] RE: SPARCplug

Chris Powell Chris_Powell at mitel.com
Fri May 19 06:40:54 CDT 2000

> > I recently obtained a Ross Technology SPARCplug unit. The main unit
> > fits into a full-height 5" drive bay. It came with a 125MHz
> > HyperSPARC MBus module and flying lead to a connector card with two
> > audio jacks, keyboard/mouse port, 10baseT and small connector (AUI
> > or serial ports?) on an ISA back plate.
> Probably AUI, but I'm just guessing.  

It's the 26-way micro-D thing, but judging by the number of PCB tracks
going to it, it's a parallel port. But that means the SPARCplug has
no obvious serial connections, despite having two 85C30 SCC chips on
board (one is used for Sun keyboard/mouse).

> > The last looks like
> > a 3/80 or SS1 motherboard power connector.

I've checked again and the connector is actually 14-way, not 12-way
as on the 3/80.

> > There appears to be space in the base of the main unit for a low
> > profile hard disk. There is no obvious way of connecting to it
> > though (no 50-way IDC header plug).
> Are there any extra pin headers on the board anyplace?  

Nope. A number of jumpers, but no SCSI header.

Oh, it also has four LEDs on the front panel. One is power, one is
hard disc, two are mystery LEDs with icons ((o)) and ))o((.

> > Am I missing a cable to take the SCSI from the main unit to an
> > internal disk and to a external connector on an ISA back plate?
> > Am I also missing a power cable assembly or can I just plug a
> > SS1 power supply in? Will the SPARCplug take SuperSPARC MBus
> > modules?
> I'm not sure.  Got a DC or know where anybody has some pictures of these?  I


> don't think it would be worthwhile to put a SuperSPARC module in there, even
> if you could.  The SM81 is the only CPU that would be faster than an HS125,
> and the speed difference wouldn't be that huge, I don't think.  

I was thinking of moving the HyperSPARC module to my SS10, and moving
the 40MHz SuperSPARC from that to the SPARCplug. The HyperSPARC module
is part #511-6224-01 (on the MBus connector) #270-6214-58 on the PCB.
I know this is a 125MHz unit, but what size cache does it have? Will
it work in a SPARCstation 10 (currently containing a 36MHz SuperSPARC)?
Does the module support SMP?

> > Anyone with one of these critters?
> Not me, unless you want to give that one away...

I'm hanging on to it as it's so cute!


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