[SunRescue] Solbourne S4000

Alistair MacDonald AlistairMacDonald at economist.com
Wed May 17 11:57:23 CDT 2000

Well, I've got one  ....

I can tell you that I haven't managed to boot OpenBSD or NetBSD from the floppy images, although some of their pages imply that the more compatible solbournes should boot. (I think this is one of the more compatible ones! The other 3 solbournes I have definately aren't!)

If you do get it then I'd appreciate a copy of any installation tapes, or a tar of the FS because mine had a disk corruption and the installation tape appears to be dead just around the point where it installes the S4000 specific code.

Aside from that, OS/MP appears to be very compatible with SunOS4. They used the 2 big machines I own at the University I used to work for, for 8 years and I don't recall a problem with any binaries in the period I was there.


>>> Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu> 05/17/00 06:41am >>>
Anybody know anything much about this machine?  I may be having a friend
bring one down for me.  It's supposedly a "Sun4" compatible, but that could
really mean just about anything.  I'm looking at
http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~dowdy/Solbourne/, and
http://www.nts.gssc.com/solbourne.html, as references, but, as they say, the
more the merrier.  Later,

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