[SunRescue] [non-sun] need suggestions

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun May 14 19:30:15 CDT 2000

Okay, here's the situation.

A few weeks back, I emailed for suggestions on how to hook up a 
DVD player that only had A/V direct out, to my TV that only had
RF/Antenna in.  Here's what I ended up doing:

-----------      ___________     ___________________________     ________
|dvd player|-->--| RF      |-->--|sat receiver|sat receiver|-->--|TV ANT|
|A/V out   |     |modulator|     |antenna in  |RF out      |     | IN   |
------------     -----------     ---------------------------     --------

However, yesterday, I replaced the satelite receiver with 
a digital cable box.  Digital cable box has A/V out, svideo out, dolby
digital sound out, cable in, and RF/TV antenna out.

I figure the easiest way to do this is to find a good A/V A/B switch that
lets me pick between two A/V (composite plugs) sources, and hook the
output of that to the RF modulator, which then goes to the TV antenna
in.  (run direct A/V out from both the dvd player and cable box).

Any other suggestions, other than just dropping the $$$ on a TV with 
RF *and* A/V in? 8-)


|   Bill Bradford    |   Austin, Texas   |
| mrbill at sunhelp.org | mrbill at mrbill.net |

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