[SunRescue] For trade/sale: sbus svga card

bobk bobk at sinister.com
Thu May 11 14:58:02 CDT 2000

OK folks, MEA CULPA:

I had a bunch of email from people about my post, essentially saying I was
on crack because I was saying the cg6 was crap when I didn't have anything
better to trade with. Well, I had been told that the Integrix S20V was a
24 bit card! Some digging (no thanks to the manufacturer) indicated that
it is only an 8 bit card.

I had thought I could trade the S20V for a nice ZX. I guess that will be a
bit hard. I'd just like to get something a little bit better than 8 bit
graphics. Netscape looks like total crud in 8 bits.

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