[SunRescue] SPARCstation 10/20 or Ultra?

Kurt Huhn kurthuhn at k-huhn.com
Thu May 11 10:31:40 CDT 2000

Paul Khoury wrote:
> Since I just got my nice tax refund, I'm in the market now for a cheap
> ($1-$320) SS10/20.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
> I was browsing on eBay, particulary for local sellers, but was wondering
> if anyone here had any suggestions?  I'd probably want at least an
> SM51 and 64MB of RAM, and a framebuffer.
> Don't want any storage devices, keyboard/mouse, or monitor.

MemoryX is expensive (relatively) but they have good stuff. 
Everything is "a la carte" for SS20s at MemoryX, which may work out
for your.  If all you need is th abre unit and a processor, give them
a look.  Also check out the retailer's section on the sunhelp site -
lots of good deals to be found there if you do some investigating.


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