[SunRescue] FS: Ultra 1/140 (the SUNHELP box!)

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Wed May 10 17:53:22 CDT 2000

Dont worry, SUNHELP isnt shutting down. 8-)

However, I *am* upgrading to a newer, faster
server (UltraSPARC IIi-based, 300mhz) from our
current Ultra 1/140 system which was donated by
Marathon International a year ago.

I'm purchasing the new system from them, but 
I need to sell the U1/140 to help cover the costs
of the new machine.

So, here's the system config:

UltraSPARC 1/140
128mb RAM
4.2gig SCSI disk (I forget if its a Seagate or what, it comes up in
"format" as a SUN 4.2GIG)
Plextor 12x SCSI tray-loading CD-ROM drive (to be installed)
CG3 or CG6 (whichever I can find, to be installed) video card
Type 5 keyboard and mechanical mouse, set

This system has been the SunHELP.ORG web server for just about a
year now, but its time to put something faster up.  So, if you're
interested in owning a "piece of history" (hey, who am I kidding..)
let me know, and make a reasonable offer.


|   Bill Bradford    |   Austin, Texas   |
| mrbill at sunhelp.org | mrbill at mrbill.net |

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