[SunRescue] Free 64mb RAM for U5/10

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Tue May 9 05:55:58 CDT 2000

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Ken Hansen wrote:

:I have a question about U5/10 RAM - I thought I saw somewhere that it was
:"optimal" to have 4 of the same size SDIMMs installed, i.e. 4x32 Meg, 4x64 Meg,
:because that allows the hardware to map the RAM in a particularly speedy way.
:Is this true? COuld anyone provide a better explaination than that?

The term is called 'interleaving' and the more consistant you have the RAM
the better. 

I don't know about the desktops, but that 4 sounds right. That would allow
for 'one-way' interleaving-- interleaving on a single bank. On servers (e3k
and up) you do 8 or 16 chips on a processor/IO board at the same time
and make sure you have the same amount (of the same type) of RAM on the
other IO/processor boards. That allows for interleaving between the boards
which can make things speedy.

On the E450s there are 4 banks for 4 chips each. You can do 2-way or 4-way
interleaving-- 4 way is when all 4 banks are interleaved and 2-way is when
one of the two banks is interleaved.

I hope that helps!

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