[SunRescue] Free 64mb RAM for U5/10

Ken Hansen n2vip at impop.bellatlantic.net
Tue May 9 05:38:39 CDT 2000

I have a question about U5/10 RAM - I thought I saw somewhere that it was
"optimal" to have 4 of the same size SDIMMs installed, i.e. 4x32 Meg, 4x64
because that allows the hardware to map the RAM in a particularly speedy way.
Is this true? COuld anyone provide a better explaination than that?

On a related topic - I guess I will be getting the Ultra 5 from Sun, since I
"won" a $200 (incl. S/H) SunPCi card (K6-2/400 w/64 Meg RAM) at one
of Sun's auction partners ( http://www.teksell.com ). That seemed a good deal
to me.

Thanks for any advice,

n2vip at bellatlantic.net

Bill Bradford wrote:

> Due to circumstances, I'll have 64mb (2 x 32mb) of RAM for an Ultra 5/10
> available soon.. I'm in a generous mood, so if you've got an U5/10, need
> RAM, and have a good reason why I should give it to YOU instead of someone
> else, let me know. 8-)

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