[SunRescue] I'm the proverbial Bull in a China Sparc Station

Martin Frost martin at dsres.com
Mon May 8 13:33:11 CDT 2000

Kirwan Marty wrote:

> Not really paying attention to what I was
> doing I removed the card and heard a noise that shouldn't have been there.
> This Ram expansion card had a cellophane-like ribbon cable attached that
> connected the side of the card to an 8-pin connector on the motherboard
> next to the power supply.  The ribbon has a number on it, 530-1814-02.
> In finer print is another number 270-182902 REV 01.  Does anyone have any
> idea where I might find a new cable?

You won't be able to find another cable, unless you can find someone
with a broken board and an intact cable. SS2 memory boards are so old
now that you probably can't even get the part from Sun.

If there are only eight wires, maybe you could solder a bit of normal
8-core ribbon onto the board. It's useless with the cable damaged, so
you've got nothing to lose.


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