[SunRescue] IBM 7011 Powerstation 220

Hatle, Steven J. shatle at vue.com
Mon May 8 09:34:27 CDT 2000

Greetings All,

I picked up the above workstation (along with an HP 300, another IBM Power
series box and 4 Tandy Model 100's) in a dumpster dive at the local Nat.
Weather service office. It's the first one of these I've run across.

 I've done some Usenet searching, but my findings have been inconclusive.  .
. does this use PS/2 keyboards and mice, or do I need some IBM specific

Also, the MicroChannel video card in the thing has 3 outputs- RGB with no
separate sync. I have an IBM monitor that came with my RT/11 that has RGB
inputs (model 5081, if I remember) but firing up the 220 produces only 1-2
flashes on the screen- otherwise it stays black. What type of monitor can I

The machine appears to run, FWIW, and I'll probably put together a cable for
a serial console and go from there, but pointers to the above and perhaps a
source for the proper AIX would be appreciated. I do have the key.



Steve Hatle
shatle at vue.com

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