[SunRescue] GDM20E20 what is this little button?

James Lockwood james at foonly.com
Sun May 7 23:49:13 CDT 2000

On Sun, 7 May 2000, Paul Phillips wrote:

> I've got a Sun GDM20E20 monitor.
> On the very left end of the controls at the bottom of the monitor is a
> small recessed button that is about 1/4 inch square.  Under it are three
> dots.
> It would have to be depressed with a pen or pencil.
> If someone has this monitor -- What does this button do?

Resets monitor settings to factory defaults.

> Also, the next button over seems to have three functions, but I don't know
> what they are.  

Top one (with the 3 dots in a box) is color temperature and balance.
Middle one is moire correction (disabled by default).  Bottom one is the
settings "key", it prevents changes from being made if enabled.


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