[SunRescue] problem compiling ncurses on SunOS 4.1.1/sun3

Alexander Bochmann ab at infra.de
Wed May 3 13:44:27 CDT 2000


...on Wed, May 03, 2000 at 06:26:16PM +0100, Martin Frost wrote:

 > Alexander Bochmann wrote:
 > > /usr/tmp/cci4Rul2.s:584: Error: operands mismatch
 > >	-- statement `jbsr __nc_get_token,a1' ignored
 > That looks like incorrect assembler code.

Ugh. In the .s file, it looks like this:

        moveq #1,d0
        cmpl d4,d0
        jne L105
        jbsr __nc_get_token,a1
        movel d0,d3

 > (a) the compiler should *never* generate any code that can't be assembled.
 > (b) that instruction isn't valid on 680x0 assembly. Looks like the `,a1'
 >     is spurious (__nc_get_token is an absolute address, so no need for
 >     an address register).
 > It may also be that it means `(__nc_get_token,a1)' (meaning
 > __nc_get_token symbol plus contents of a1), in which case missing

When I compile that file with optimization turned off, I get an endless 
stream of jsbr something,a1 errors; with -O2 it occurs just that one 
time... :(

 > Try getting an older version of gcc and trying with that. I never had
 > any problems with 2.7.2, but 2.8.x seemed to break lots of things.

Well, I used 2.8.1 with Linux/m68k on the Atari TT for some time, 
but then I didn't really compile much with it (Debian binary packages 
everywhere ;) ...).

It seems I should really go back to for that target...

Thanks for your answer,


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