[SunRescue] Dim Monitors (WAS: What exactly is a Sun 4/25 ?)

jeff borisch jeff at sonicrim.com
Wed May 3 09:07:17 CDT 2000

on 5/3/2000 4:44 AM, Alexander Bochmann at ab at infra.de wrote:

> This is covered in the NeXT FAQ, unfortunately...
> http://www.peanuts.org/faq-serve/cache/192.html

Hey thanks for this link. there seems to be many fewer next fanatics than
sun fanatics. This FAQ is Boss. (-:

This group is Boss (-:


I'm still working on the Mac As Serial Terminal issues ith my sparcs and
will post my findings later.

>> With the hood off I can see access holes to some pots. There are labels
>> such as focus, horz cent, and the like. These are pretty obvious what
>> they do. There is one called white point which I tweaked a bit and it
>> made the picture a bit brighter. I was afraid to go further because of
>> what iv'e heard about generating x-rays. For example, there is a pot
>> labelled cutoff... cutoff what?!
> I don't think there will be serious radiation problems; AFAIK even
> real old monochrome monitors don't have problems to meet modern
> radiation standards. But if you have a monitor with a worn CRT
> cathode, there is probably not much you can do, except turning
> up the brightness until it dies completely...
> Alex.
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