[SunRescue] SCSI in an ultra 5

Daniel Debow Southwick southwick at gibralter.net
Tue May 2 12:32:32 CDT 2000

I noticed that bill got a SCSI card to work in his U10. This brings to
mind an experiment I tried with my U5  **here's the specs** :

Ultra 5 
270MHz Ultra IIi
4.3GB Seagate & 2.5GB WD 
24X Goldstar CDROM
running Solaris 8

Anyway I slaped a Adaptec 2940u SCSI controler in there with a quantum 9GB
HardDisk restarted the box and no magic. What gives? Is adaptec not
compatible with the U5? I even broke down and reset the eeprom to factory
defaults and it still didn't find the card or the HardDisk.

The plan behind this test was to see if the card worked and if it did I
plan to purchase an external 4mm dat drive to preform routine backups. 

Also I noticed that that card is for sale on pricewatch for about 50
dollars inc. shipping! should I go for it and abandon the adaptec?

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